Night Shift 2

by Alessandra Ioalé


It was strange and suggestive at the same time to go out at night and enter the yard with these four completely different artists.


It was strange not to see the classic painted piece with the spray on the surface of a freight train.

It was impressive to take part with these artists in an almost surreal experience for first time – full of adrenaline! Follow „Wandering“ and watch them move as night-time hunting animals, with prudence in the darkness, under the rain between the train wagons and then choose the right to work the piece as soon as possible.


We did not speak much, it was not possible, there was no time. I just could watch them paint quickly with sprays. The artists themselves did not talk much to each, but the drawing of the one was naturally interwoven with the forms of the other. Seeing completely different artists collaborate in this way without even having collaborated before, has been for me a genuine example of how, on walls and trains both, it’s possible across certain boundaries.


It does not matter the final result. It is important to be there, to feel free to express yourself and your mind. See each of them paint on the other’s so naturally and continuously as if they had been doing it always. The importance and value of instant and sudden collaboration, without previous agreement, without any sketch, to create a truly fresh and original piece that goes beyond the artist’s own imagination.


For all this belief it is worth going in the night into strange places like a railway yard with the sole purpose of painting.


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